Drop 2 Dress Sizes for your wedding...

...with our personalised online body transformation coaching designed for brides.

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In your 12-week body transformation program you will get...

  • The results you want

    We work out a result you would be happy with and work towards it.

  • Customised meal plan

    We build a diet around what you want to eat and your lifestyle, so it’s easy to follow.

  • Exercise plan

    We design an exercise plan which includes activities that you enjoy. No dreading going to the gym just because you have to.

  • Regular contact

    We have regular calls to motivate you, resolve potential barriers and keep you moving towards your weight loss goal.

  • And more...

    If there’s something you want to include in your program, we’ll work with you to fit it in. If you’re worried how to work your diet around events like Christmas, Easter and parties, we can devise a plan.

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